Palm Beach Watercolor Society


The entry fee is $35. Accepted mediums are watercolors, acrylics, and water-based inks.

And Then There Was Art

BRiC (Boca Raton Innovation Campus), 4950 Communications Ave., Boca Raton, FL 33431

Entries Accepted thru October 27th

A Painting is Worth a Thousand Words

BRiC (Boca Raton Innovation Campus), 4950 Communications Ave., Boca Raton, FL 33431

Show runs from April 20 thru October 25

Awards & Juror's Remarks

“It was a pure delight and honor to be the judge for the Palm Beach Watercolor Society’s exhibition at the BRiC. Talent was clearly displayed by all the artists. There was a wonderful array of water-based mediums and techniques, intimate subject matters, wonderful compositions, mindful titles, and a pure love of art for art sake!”

For Every Season by Gail Butters-Cohen: 1st

So painterly, and intimate the viewer is brought right in front of the truth. Something is coming, being birthed into our world, and we must take care and protect “this.” Even when our society may be sad or hurting this image reminds us of being human and how magnificent it can be even in times of dark.

Clouds of Leonia by Eileen Shaloum: 2nd

Sweetness and happiness spills out of the canvas creating an imaginary world. Soft plump shades of pink yellows and green fill the surface taking the eye on a magical journey from one canvas to the back, and back again. Layers upon layers allows the viewer to be mesmerized by the technique, color palette, and suggested imagery.

Island Flora by Sally Cooper: 3rd

Light, airy, and fragrant! The playfulness of brushstrokes and energy of the paint create a fresh feeling. The title adding to the essence of what was is already felt intuitively from the canvas. A great balance of color and mark-making.

From Another Time by Mary Martinez: Honorable Mention

The viewer is transported from the glance of the women to another time, a moment in ones memory. Nostalgic and with classical beauty the woman’s’ pose captures all this. The playful watercolor technique merged with the classic pose was a brilliant choice.

Tiger Falls by Betty Lou Barry: Special Recognition

This utopia, a paradise view is a reflection to what we strive for in society and with mother nature. As we look to one another in peace, in harmony, in question with our world; working together side by side we go about our way. Folklike, excellent craftsmanship, and illustration.

Dream Journey by Priscilla Blum Silverberg: Honorable Mention

Pulled straight into what’s just hidden in the shadow. The feeling of wanting to know what’s there, along with the gorgeous textured rock fills the senses and imagination. The painterly brushstrokes juxtaposed to the great tension of the still darkness, moves the viewers eye around the canvas in a hypnotic dreamlike way.

– Lori Arbel, Juror